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I've been in the visual media industry for over 15 years spending my time behind the lens capturing images for events, travel assignments and historical locations.  


A photographer gets to be so much more than a camera operator. They get to be a storyteller, a historian, an activist, and even a teacher. This is why my passion for photography grew well into my career in Documentary Film and Reality Television.


When not behind the lense I can be found behind the scenes of documentaries, reality TV & Docu Reality style programs. I've traveled around the globe on-set and on-location and I have extensive knowledge coordinating and trouble-shooting overseas productions. I also have excellent relationships with Fixers in the EU and multiple African countries. I'm well versed in the needs of "network required" photography including scene, crew & cast / hero shots.

-Brandon Montgomery Falls

Clean Driving Record, Reliable Transportation, Valid US Passport, International Driving Permit, International Certificate of Vaccinations (Hep. A & B, Influenza, Polio Booster, Tetanus Booster, Typhoid and Yellow Fever). 

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